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listen to joe talk about the concept! (1.3MB mp3)


ok! we're gonna launch t2j3!!!

so.... after many delays, many hiccups, many surprises...

we're going to launch talk2joe III right here on the website, pay-per-download (hey! this *is* a charity project after all!), all the covers and original submissions we received for the third "cd" will be available as clips and full high-quality downloads as soon as i (dave) get my s**t together

initial thoughts are late jan 2010 for go-live, so watch this space, or sign up for the newsletter (there's a link somewhere around here and only WE have your address and we won't sell it and we won't spam you!) for more news nearer the time

thank you all so much for your patience... mark and i have lost several family members, been through many life-changing events recently that only now are we able to give this great project the attention it deserves

if you still want to submit a track, get on with it! submissions to if you want to ask questions, ask away! just demonstrate patience while waiting for your reply, please; we're both busy and family men!

y'all rock!

take care, and a very Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!


third cd delayed!

guys... thanks so much for all your submissions! sadly there are not enough covers for us to proceed with the third cd. please continue to work in your studios and feel free to submit your works (covers only now, please) to remember, covers need to sound very different to the original! we know you can play like Joe, we want you to play like you!


deadline extended!

we have extended the deadline for cd3 submissions.
we really want to do a double cd this time around and so we will be accepting submissions until at least the end of october 2007

as before, please send your tracks to

we look forward to hearing your creations!


talk2joe cd3 submissions are open!

we're proud (and VERY honoured) to announce that submissions are now open for the third talk2joe cd. this time around there'll be a double cd, giving us lots of room to cater for all the great musicians we have come to know through joe and his music. here are the key points:

  • you may submit only one track
  • you may submit an original track (not previously available anywhere)
  • you may submit a cover of a joe track (see below for more on this)
  • tracks may be no longer than 5 minutes in total duration
  • tracks should be submitted with your real name & your screen name in mp3 format to
  • mp3s should be no larger than 9MB
  • if chosen you will need to submit the fee of $25USD to cover hosting and domain name fees. mark & dave have personally paid this since the beginning of the project out of personal funds. your submissions will keep the site (and hence the project) alive.
  • if chosen you will need to send a physical audio cd of your track to an address as yet TBA
  • covers must NOT sound like the original! be creative! change the key, the vibe, the instrumentation, the tempo! imagine an acapella version of summer song! or a bluegrass rendition of i am become death! or a death metal grind version of awmawy!
  • if chosen you will not allow your track to be heard anywhere else for a minimum of six months (this includes mp3 downloads, CDs, myspace, streams, etc)
  • if chosen and you submitted a cover you are NOT to make it available anywhere else EVER! it is so great of joe to PERSONALLY authorise us to use his music we don't want to have legal problems for YOU further down the line, not to mention us losing this selfless gift for future releases
  • only registered and active members of and / or are entitled to enter
  • mark and dave are in a very UNenviable position as judges. please do not make our lives a misery if you don't get chosen. we have a very tough job to do. no favouritism is used.
  • ALL submissions that aren't chosen for the CDs will be available on so you can see for yourself the hard job it is!
  • no sooner than six months after the CD release date (TBA) physical CDs will still be available and (paid) mp3 downloads will be made available on
  • the closing date for submissions is JULY 31 2007. no later!

    we look forward to hearing your creations!



    Hey Bro, I checked out the cd ECHO there's some very cool stuff on there.

    rusty cooley

    Great to see such talented players together on one cd - musical and charitable- very cool :)

    'Tis very cool of you to make it happen:)



    initial problems

    we've had reports that the levels on the echo cd aren't entirely consistent on a track-to-track basis.

    apologies to all concerned, we believe this has now been fixed. any orders placed after today won't be affected. thanks!


    the second cd is now available!

    we finally got everything sorted out, and you can now click on shop and buy the second talk2joe cd!

    feel free to click tracks to see the tracklisting, read about and get in touch with the contributors, and also listen to clips of each track

    remember all profits go to the international red cross, so get on with it! buy as many copies as possible!