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  screen name real name track name length contact
  PhryDom Dave Watkinson ESYF 4:13    
  death cube k Mark London Dark Koridorz 3:29    
  OCPS470 Chris Peters Darkness 2:11    
  PeteMulas Pete Mulas Total Joke 4:39    
  Danny K Dan Kokol Room 13 3:37    
  Stu Clone Graham Shackelford Another Day... 2:38    
  OME Christopher Thompson X 3:56    
  Clarky Paul Clark Our Blood On Their Hands 9:10    
  KDaddyMack... Keith Lochte Cerulian Love Song 3:45    
  crushingday62 Chris Woodland Searching 2:48    
  r6rocker Paul Ayres Klod's Logic 5:11    
  Matt King Matt King w/Course Of Evolution The Rock Song 3:26    
  migupais Miguel Pais Railroad Jam 3:59    
  trutina Bil McKim Xenon 3:03    
  Plum Loco Barrie Poole Finally Made It Home 2:55    
  alexandre Alexandre Caetano From The Heart (The Start) 4:48    
  mowlie_2000 Aarren Mowle Above & Beyond 3:25    

the track order is based *purely* on album flow and continuity. this is the final track listing for the CD