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name suggestions & voting are over!
  heart to idol dedication jam return the emotion fanatic appreciation  
  circle of thanks true appreciation feedback talking back  
  satchurated satch fest satchurated feedback (version 1.0)  
  satches moment t2j style unique rhythms from t2j to legend the ultimate award  
  going satch, t2j style a faithful reward the debt we owe to joe more of th@t blue  
  infinite gratitude thanks joe with thanks thank you  
  the satchmoos 20 songs all sounding like Satch by people who want to sound like Satch  
  Cluck - Baa - Moo version 1 Ahh... Fresh Page Satch DNA the guitar and us  
  break the ice frozen (solid) Weapons Of Mass Distortion mini-satchers!  
  living the blue dream living in a blue dream giving you the axe adherents of a virtuoso  
  journey to the crystal planet riding along with the alien the extremists charitable dedication  
  Tribute 2 Joe - T2J Under The Influence Blue Reflections Reciprocity  
  Surfing, Flying, and Dreaming Echos of Enlightenment Echos Of Joe JOEvolution  
  SatrianiDotCom: The Nicks & Their Licks Joe Satriani Fan Club - The Tribute  
  Talk To Joe Tribute Satchland      

hey! I just post em! ;-)

thanks to everyone who suggested titles, and to everyone who voted on to vote for the final title!!!!