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taken from a Trutina email, and tidied up a little... bear in mind that how it actually went is different to this - this was all at the initial stage....

T2J  UP2DATE     

Cool, here's the deal to date: 

The CD is called T2J Talking Back, will be made up of all original tunes from everyone at the Talk to Joe community. 

PhryDom has built the website and paid for the .com at his own expense.  OCPS470 will handle final mastering of the album so submissions need to be sent to him. 

All songs contributed are going to need to be copyrighted.  This is not as big a deal as it seems.  Not sure the exacts for Canada, but death cube K can fill you in on that. 

Deadline for submissions will be March 31st.  Don't worry if you don't have your song copyrighted in full by that point, as long as you have started the process.  It will need to be done by the time the CD goes into production though for printing purposes. 

There will be a production run of 200 CDs.  The cost of this will be split by all of us evenly.  This will be money we won't get back.  Now the money we each have to spend will of course depend on how many people will contribute so I can't give you an exact amount at the moment.  I won't know exactly until we have all the songs submitted.  As soon as I have that info, I'll contact everyone looking for an official answer and let them know the actual cost.  If at that time, you think it's too much, then no problem, we'll just take your song off.  I expect the cost to be anywhere from $35-$50 (American) per person.  If necessary, we will do a double cd, but I've gotten quotes that can still keep us in the aforementioned price range.  Providing enough people are in. 

Also at this point, I'll mail out a publishing contract to each contributor for permission to use the song on the CD.  This will not be for ownership or exclusive rights of the song, merely permission.  You can still put your song on anything you want. 

After production, the CD's will be sold on and shipped from me.  They will cost $10 a piece plus shipping and will available for shipping world-wide.  In case you didn't see my announcement post, Joe has offered to assist with the use of his publishing company Strange Beautiful Music.  I still don't know the details of exactly what this will entail, but I'll keep you posted as info comes in. 

Now for the coolest part of the whole deal.  Since we (the song contributors) are paying for the production cost, Chris/OCPS470 is doing artwork and mastering for free, PhryDom is donating the website, and the customer will be paying the actual shipping costs, the only expense we will have will be the transaction fees incurred by paypal for collection.  Everything else, 100% of the remaining proceeds will go to the Red Cross as per Joe. 

My idea is that I want everyone that wants to be a part of this to have the opportunity too, so there will be no qualifying or cuts.  If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please fell free to contact me and I'll tell ya all I know.  Thanks man, take it easy and hope to hear from you soon.

OK thanks to TRUTINA (Bil McKim) for this information, if you want more info contact either Trutina or Phrydom through the talk2joe forum at