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update 19th june 2005

final track listing now completed

here are the 18 tracks that will appear on the second Talk2Joe CD. They are not in any final order at this time

stefan ek desert sky blues 4:58
chris peters - stone groove 2:53
nick wood - evolving twilight 3:08
paul arcipretino - dreamscape 4:40
mark london - plight of the cosmos 3:21
pete mulas - skyhigh 5:31
kermheat - farhbot 5:17
dave watkinson - essi 3:12
julien omeyer i can't fly 4:31
paul ayres - autumn skies 2:51
steven rosner - what do i do? 4:46
neil morgan - changes 4:16
roy marchbank and fred bau - spanish zenfish 5:13
chris carson - shadows 4:59
alexandre - landscape in a wild state 5:03
sami badmama jama - through the clouds 3:06
steevee t - starwind 5:12
course of evolution - saturnian sky 3:09

Many thanks to everyone who submitted a track. The judging was really difficult this time! For those who submitted a track and aren't listed above, don't worry too much - we have ideas for you guys n gals to also be included in the project in a slightly different way.

If you're listed above you need to get a CD to OCPS for final mastering. It needs to be in 16-bit 44.1kHz WAV format only

update 17th june 2005

all the submissions for the second Talk2Joe CD are in

we're now working on finalising the track lineup and order. it's quite a bit different from the first one! prepare to be surprised!

update 14th february 2005

submissions are being accepted for the second Talk2Joe CD!

here's a copy of a post mark made on talk2joe on feb 5th (spelling errors corrected by me - sorry bro! ;-) )

talk2joe cd 2

we have decided to do a second cd. it will be organized a bit differently.

+ You will submit your song as an mp3 to an email account(if your track is chosen a cd of the non compressed wave file will be sent to OCPS470 for mastering).

+ Everybody that is a posting member of t2j (meaning you must post here to be on the cd) is eligible to submit.

+ Songs must be Less than 6 minutes in length.

+ There is no fee this year. But we would like all contributors to buy a copy of the disc when it is ready.(and if you want to send some cash to keep alive it is very welcome).

+ Your song must not be posted online anywhere ie: website, soundclick etc. for one year(it is ok for you to have it on a cd just not for free download)! after that it's fair game once again.

+ By submitting your song , you are agreeing to allow records to use and have the right to distribute your song.

+ All submissions will be judged by a panel of judges.

+ Vocal songs will also be accepted this time.

+ Submissions deadline is March 28 05. The deadline will not be extended for anyone, as we are trying for an August release.

+ The email addy to submit songs is

update 8th august 2004

the cd is out! go buy one now!!

listen to joe talk about the cd! (1.3MB mp3)

thanks to graham for recording it!)

message from joe himself!

Joe sent this message in from the road with Deep Purple to pass along about the Talk2Joe CD project:

The T2J CD is finally available for all to enjoy! You've got to check out how our fellow musicians here at are writing, playing and recording. This is a great CD, the first of many more I hope! --Joe

update 6th august 2004

here is the text we're proposing to have included in the booklet that accompanies the cd. if you have any suggestions for changes or addition please email them to me before noon sunday (gmt), otherwise we'll assume you're all ok with everything....

It’s here. We’ve been working on it for nearly two years, and now the CD—our CD, Satchurated Feedback—is here.

The idea to create a Talk To Joe compilation album has come up several times over the years. T2J members in the past have suggested recording everything from a collection of Satch covers to a Christmas album. In early 2003, a conversation between Mark London and Chris Peters started the process that would become this album of original songs. Dave Watkinson soon created a website for the project, and Bil McKim volunteered to help with publishing and other details.

Once we got started, everyone agreed that this should be a charity CD. At the request of Joe Satriani, proceeds will go to the International Red Cross.

All members of the Talk To Joe community were involved in this project in one way or another. Those who weren’t able to write and record a song were still able to contribute by submitting titles or artwork for the CD. All T2Jers were able to vote to decide the final title and cover.

Talk To Joe is an international community of people drawn together by the music of Joe Satriani. As much as this CD is an expression of our own musical ideas, it is also an expression of the influence Joe and his music has on each of us, regardless of who we are or where we live.

This project has been a lot of work, but it has also been a lot of fun. We hope everyone will enjoy this CD as much as we have enjoyed making it, and we are excited about the possibility of doing additional CDs in the future. Until then…

update 1st august 2004

mark (death cube k) sent me an email recently, asking why we can't push on this ourselves. i replied that there wasn't really any reason, except that we all have no money! so he then suggested we use the same people we're using for the clothing in the store, so i said yeah cool. he ran it by ocps and we were agreed. as a result, then, i've got some updated graphics and been working on the look of the cd. there'll be a four-page colour booklet, colour tray insert & colour back, and the disc itself will be colour printed. we'll retail them at US$12.99, which will make $4.00 per cd for the international red cross, as joe requested

i'll try and get the images of how it'll look onto this site as soon as everything is finalised

austin is working on the inside pages of the booklet - kind of a story around the cd and i hope to get that in the next few days. we're aiming for a release on monday 9th august! :-)

watch this space!

update february 2004

bil is back and on the mend. we're not rushing him to get on with the production as he needs this time to get fully recouperated. watch this space and t2j for any more news

update january 2004

bil (trutina) is very ill at the moment. cd production started late november 2003, but his health is more important than getting the cds finished. here's a copy of a post from austin from t2j on 2 january explaining the story so far..... our thoughts are with bil and his well-being....

Hey everyone... Bil / trutina just sent me a long email.

His health problems have gotten worse, which is why he hasn't been around here recently. He's had more seizures, and his doctors think they may have found a brain tumor that's causing all of the problems.

He's been resting in Tennessee since the day after Christmas, trying to decide what to do about everything. He doesn't have internet access (he emailed me using his neighbor's laptop), so he wanted to tell me to say thanks to everyone for all of the emails.

He also says hi to everyone, Joe included.

I didn't mention anything about the T2J CD in my email to him, but he wrote back saying he's going to get back on that project when he gets home in several weeks. I hope people here understand that the CD should be the last thing on our minds right now, though.

If anyone wants more information, email me privately and I may be able to give you more details. I don't feel right about posting his entire message here on the site now.


update 29 november 2003

we've finally received the OK to use the squiggly joe pic as the cover for the cd!!! woohoo!!! bil has started production, and we expect the cd to be available to buy from the t2j shop by xmas! check back often, and/or check the talk to joe section over at for more updates!

thanks joe! :-)

update 10 august 2003

we've had (and are still having) some problems getting in touch with Mick Brigden, Joe Himself and Jon Luini. The cover vote has been moved over to, but the most popular covers aren't there because of potential problems with obtaining permission to use Joe's likeness (ie his face!)... hence our need to contact Mick, Joe and/or Jon.... but we're working on it!!!

Not all the contributors have paid their fee.... as soon as all the money is in we're going to go into production anyway - we just want to get this thing out there!!!

Alexandre has asked me to point out that the initial run will be 1000 and not 200 CDs, and Bil & I have already made arrangements for further fulfilment if demand outstrips supply. After the first 1000, though, we'll be making less money per CD (unless we do another contributor fee topup), but at least we can meet the demand if it's still there! ;-)

Alexandre & Miguel did a radio interview in Portugal for the CD... here is a translated transcript of what was said - we're getting coverage!!! (I left the translation in Miguel's original version btw!)

Keep tuned..... I'm sure if people still want to do a second CD things won't be so hairy!!!!!!

update 7 july 2003

the cover vote is closed!!!! check for more info

update 2 june 2003

the cover vote is open!!!!!!! vote now!

update 24 may 2003

check out the menu above... there's a new link ;-)

update 19 may 2003

so, the initial title vote is over, and now there's the final title vote up on - many thanks to Jon Luini!!!

the final track listing is done (see here) and we're about to start production of the cds.

coming very soon will be a cover vote (hopefully with Jon's help again)

a million thanks to everyone involved so far!!! :-)

watch this space!