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cover submissions and voting are over!

please note: the chosen name will be added to the image later!

send some cover ideas!

important notes!
these images are resized to fit better on the page - clicking each image will open a larger version in a separate window!!!!

contributors, please bear in mind that the final version of the cover needs to be 4.75 x 4.75 inches for the cover and booklet, and 5.907 inches x 4.627 inches for the back cover (including both spines). All artwork needs to be created at 300dpi, and either converted into a pagemaker format or transferred to film negative for duplication. Got it?!?!

and remember - don't let any of the cd titles affect your appraisal of the artwork - text can be changed very easily!!! thanks!!!!

update 9 may:
woohoo!!! i finally got a couple more cover submissions!!!!

also, after the artist's careful thought (mainly due to the Red Cross aspect) i've been able to put the old covers back up too - thank you!!!!!

update 30 may:
more covers received! thank you! cover vote coming very soon.....

  front number 01 front number 02 front number 03 front number 04  
  front number 05 front number 06 front number 07 front number 08  
  front number 09 front number 10 front number 11 front number 12  
  front number 13 front number 14 back number 01 back number 02  
  back number 03 back number 04 back number 05 back number 06  
  back number 7 back number 8