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  Dave Watkinson (PhryDom) ESYF (4:13)  
  Recorded at home in February 2003. I used a Roland U-110 for the bassline, my homemade guitar for the melodies, a red Squier Strat and a cheapo acoustic for the rhythms, a Roland MBD-1 for drums, and for outboard I used a Zoom 1204, a Zoom 1201, an Alesis 3630, a Samson S-Com 4 and a Lexicon Vortex. Everything was recorded via an M-Audio Delta 44 into Sonar 2.0 on a PIII 866.

I've been playing guitar since I was about nine or ten years old, albeit with lots of multi-year gaps... I played in a band for about six months in my late teens, but nowadays I just like to potter about in my little studio making CDs for anyone who wants to listen to them. I hope you enjoy my little tune! :-)

Dave Watkinson guitar
  Mark London (death cube k) Dark Koridorz (3:29)  
  for my track dark koridorz... i used my RG7620 for the rhythm track. then
sampled a 1 measure version and cut it up into a loop and imported it into
reason2.0 .the drums bass all come from reason2.0.
i then used rewire to send it to cubase sx.. to record my lead guitar
tracks i used a MOTU828,a sennhieser e609, then my new favorite guitar my
JEM7 BSB, planet waves cables , a digitech whammy(the orignal not the
reissue) a dunlop gcb95 crybaby wha,MXR PHASE 90... i was trying to give the
impression of someone being chased in the track , by using dynamics... and
i hope you enoy. as i had fun doing it..
thanx for your time
Mark London

Mark London and guitar
  Chris Peters (OCPS470) Darkness (2:11)  
  Born March, 26 1982 started playing piano and lessons at age 6. 10 years piano lessons. Played clarinet in middle school symphonic band(3yrs). Picked up guitar at age 14. Lessons and played for 6.5 years. Taught guitar for 5 years. Started doing session work at 18 for Dexter Redding(son of Ottis Redding) out of Parc studios (Orlando,FL). Played on various sessions including international Universal Studios commercial composed by Colin O'Malley. Now teach at Gearge's Music Orlando, FL(Fern Park location).

Gear: 2 Ibanez S470's with Dimarzio pu's, Ibanez RG421, Ovation Celebrity Deluxe, Line 6 Podpro, Carvin HT150 poweramp, Carvin Legacy 4X12 slant cab, Dimarzio instrument cables, Monster speaker cables, Fender picks, D'addario strings (9-42) Morley Bad Horsie Wah, Morley Little Aligator Volume, Dunlop Crybaby, Digitech Whammy reissue, DOD Octoplus, Boss DS1, Shure SM57, AKGC1000S, Alesis SR16 drum machine, Alesis Quadraverb.

  Pete Mulas (peter mulas) Total Joke (4:39)  
  Location: Sydney, Australia
Age: 18

...Tried to get into the crazy mind of Mr Satriani, contemplated shaving my head, buying a pair of oakleys and tight leather pants but in the end picked up a 7 string guitar, and pressed the little red button. Thanks Joe, you're a great inspiration
  Dan Kokol (Danny K) Room 13 (3:37)  
  I've been playing guitar for about 12 years. My main influences are Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Steve Morse, Scott Henderson, John Petrucci, Jason Becker & Randy Rhoads. In the past I've played in an Ozzy tribute called 'The Ultimate sin', an original group called 'Mindz Eye' with whom I recorded & released a cd, I was in the pit band for a production of Jesus Christ Superstar & I'm currently working on an instrumental cd, playing in an 80's rock tribute called 'XS' & teaching guitar for York Region Music Center.

Gear used to record Room 13 :
Custom Fender Strat, Line 6 pod preamp, Digitech 2101 effects processor, P-Bass, Boss Dr550 drum machine, Audio Studio 7 recording software.

Danny K and guitar
  Graham Shackelford (Stu Clone) Another Day... (2:38)  
  Graham Shackelford, 17, is a 3rd year bassist (7th year musician) and is
well on his way to making his career in music. The self-declared "biggest
Stu Hamm fan ever" has channeled this source of inspiration to further
develop his technique and push the barriers of contemporary bass playing.
Graham Shackelford uses Hartke amps and cabinets, and is currently working
on an endorsement deal with Carvin Guitars.
  Christopher Thompson (OME) X (3:56)  
  Birthday: May 12, 1972

Schools: Dardanelle
U of A in Fayetteville

Bands: Snafu 1989-90
Harmonic Motion 1990-93
One Nite Stand 1993
OME 2000-present

Experience: Guitar 18 years
Bass guitar
Piano, Trumpet

Guitars: Kay, Kramer 600st
Fender Stagemaster,
Steinberger, Fender Custom
Ibanez Custom,
Ibanez UV77BK

Amps: Peavey Audition 30
Fender Princeton Chorus
Marshall Lead 12

Effects: Digitech RP3 Valve FX,
Original Whammy,
Crybaby wah, Boss od3, DS1, SD2
CPU, Alesis

Now: CD released 3-18-2002 (OME Version 1.0)
Jemfest DVD - background music, 2003

Christopher Thompson and guitar

  Paul Clark (Clarky) Our Blood On Their Hands (9:10)  
  Full name: Paul James Clark
Born: South East London, UK
Date of birth: 12th October 1965

Principle Instrument:
Lead / Rhythm Guitar

Lead / Backing Vocals, Song Writing, Composition, Programming / Sequencing, Sampling, Drums and Percussion.

Musical History:
On 4th November 1977 my uncle showed me the chords to a song and gave me his guitar. It was a cheap old nylon strung acoustic. I played that song over and over got it in the end. This was the beginning of a love affair that has lasted ever since. I still have and play that old guitar.

Concert Guitars - all named after the 'deadly sins':
'Avarice' Custom 7 string [based on a UV777PBK and made by Brian Calvert of UniversalJems]
'Pride' 1978 Fender Stratocaster [Tobacco sunburst, custom]
'Wrath' Ibanez RG470 [Black with pink PAF PRO's]
'Lust' Ibanez RG470 [Jewel Blue with black PAF PRO's]
'Envy' Ibanez RG7470 [Black 7-string]
'Sloth' Washburn D-21 electro-acoustic

Rack: Sansamp PSA-1, Digitech 2120, Marshall 8008 [driving two Marshall 1960B 4x12 cabs], Zoom 9002 PRO [when travelling light]

I studied music at the University of London ... It didn't make me a better player but it opened compositional avenues that I never imagined existed...

My most noted work is as the lead guitarist for The David Cross Band [David is a former member of King Crimson].

Esprit de Clarky: "Play every note as if it were your last."

Paul Clark and guitar

  Chris Woodland (CrushingDay62) Searching (2:48)  
  OK my name's Chris woodland I live in Bristol England and I've just turned 18. I started playing guitar about 4 years ago after I heard a recording of Crushingday and thought to myself Fu*k me! Hence my name on the website- Crushingday62.

This song was written and recorded in one day-my brother's birthday- and it's all about the chord progression and the tone of the guitar! I.e. mmmmmm lush tone! I later rerecorded the bass line and mixed it at my friends house.

The song is entitled searching as it makes me think about what I want and why I want it. Don't ask me what 'it' is because I cant say I know! This song is my first proper recording and so I had to overcome some learning curves but hey that's life. Anyway I hope you enjoy the song and that at least one person out there can relate to the title!

Chris Woodland guitar

  Paul Ayres (r6rocker) Klod's Logic (5:11)  
  I've been playing since i was 16 on and off, but really only stuck to the pub
rock / blues train of thought. I played in a couple of bands but never
really progressed as a player.
The turning point for me came about 1O months ago, when i stumbled into T2J
and started to get advice from other players, most notably PhryDom and
Clarky. This track is the first that i've recorded, the mixdown isn't that
hot and it really shows up some flaws in my technique, but it was a one take
solo, it's real and it's where i am right now. I could have dubbed but there
was every chance that it wouldn't have sounded any better !

Gear - Ibanez Jem77FP ,Dunlop Cry Baby, Digitech RP2000, ZOOM MRS 1044-CD,
Aria Avante Series Bass, Planet Waves cables.

Influences - Anybody who plays a guitar, regardless of style / genre and
more recently the T2J posse for inspiration and continued motivation and
sharing the knowledge.

Paul Ayres and a bicycle ;-)

  Miguel Pais (migupais) Railroad Jam (3:59)  
  I started playing guitar when I was 14 or maybe 15, I had a spanish acoustic guitar and started learning things on my own, after having a go at piano and flute lessons. One day I dropped piano and concentrated on guitar, so my father gave me a bunch of books and cd's which came with an electric guitar. My passion had just started. I started trying things and learning the basic stuff on my own, searching the web for lessons and cool stuff... One day a friend of mine showed me an album called "Crystal Planet" and I loved every minute of it! And so Joe Satriani became my inspiration, my goal, my ideal of guitar playing! And since then he has helped me to improve! :) So one day I got tired of doing things by myself and I searched for a teacher. Then it was time to improve my equipment, now that I was sure of the path I wanted to follow, so I saved money and bought a BOSS ME-30 pedal, a Marshall G80RCD amp and, my dream come true, an Ibanez JS900! Of course this took a while... b
ut then I started having lessons and now I'm still with a lot to learn but I feel that I'm improving! And so I went to Joe's site and joined the T2J forum and someone had this brilliant idea! And, though I'm not much of a guitar player yet, I did a couple of recordings to try and contribute with something to this CD as a way of thanking Joe for all he's done for me! Hope one day I'll play like him...


To record my track I used my Ibanez JS900 and my BOSS Multiple Effects pedal plugged into the line in of the PC. The software used for recording was Cakewalk Pro Audio 9. I also used an audio sample of a train passing by. The song is called "Railroad Jam" and it wasn't written. I just thought of some basic melody and then improvised a bit. The drums are a wav loop, the bass is my guitar with an effect I created with my pedal, the wah guitar is obviously my guitar with a wah wah effect (lol) and the lead is my guitar with distortion and also some chorus and reverb.

Miguel Pais and guitar

  Bil McKim (Trutina) Xenon (3:03)  
  Gear used was Gibson Les Paul, Digitech GNX3, Peavey Transtube 210, Cakewalk Plasma/Pyro Software and me fingers. As far as a bio, I'm 27, retired from the motorcycle business and like to waste time playing guitar and watching Kevin Smith movies and all things Monty Python. Top five favorite guitarists: Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, and Stevie Ray Vaughn. Can't really think of much else that is pertains to this. I named the track Xenon because it's a rare gas element that was originally thought to not mix well. I had a lot of problems mixing this track and it's full of gas so there ya go.
  Barrie Poole (Plum Loco) Finally Made It Home (2:55)  
  Age: 31

Guitar Playing Experience: 13 years off & on.

History: Born & raised in the subburbs of Toronto, Ontario, Canada for half my life & now reside in Orillia, Ontario, Canada for most of my adult life... Orillia would be best described as a Steel Workers City & is the former home of Gordon Lightfoot; An acclaimed Canadian Songwriter of folk music origins... I played Ice Hockey for all of my childhood and early adulthood as a goaltender & turned to guitar after Hockey was all done for me after injuring both knees... Have played with a couple of bands (not an official member) at a street dance party in Barrie, Ontario with the local Barrie, Ontario bands Chasing Sandborn & Pillow Head - filled in as Lead & Rhythm guitar player respectfully to the 2 bands.

Influences: Pink Floyd, Van Halen, Rik Emmett(Triumph), Joe Satriani, Dire Straits, Eric Clapton etc...

Guitars: Warmoth Custom Guitar, assembled by myself...

Fender 12 string acoustic

Amps: Line 6 Spider 100watt 212 with Digital Effects & Four Channel Floorboard (perfect amp for the intermediate player), Rocktek Mini-amp about 10watts (give or take)...

Effects: JH1 (Jimi Hendrix)Wah Wah, Boss Ds-1(Distortion), Boss AC-2(Acoustic Guitar Simulator)

Barrie Poole and guitar ;-)
  Alexandre Caetano From The Heart (The Start) (4:48)  
  Started playing at the age of 15, shows greats influences from Joe Satriani,
Steve Vai, Gary Moore, and others. Dedicates himself to instrumental rock
Alexandre Caetano was born in Caldas da Rainha, Portugal (28-Jan-1977) and
from early on showed great interest in classical music (Mozart, Sibelius).
Classical and Flamenco guitars are also some of his other interests (Vicente
Amigo, Pierre Bensunsan).
Some national influences worth of reference are the great guitar players
Carlos Paredes (Portuguese Guitar), Gonçalo Pereira and Joel Xavier.
Alex's music reflects some of his day-to-day experiences, like bodyboarding
(yes, he likes to surf a good wave), travelling, and human relations in
At the time he is composing songs for his first self recorded album. He
recently released a Demo, "From The Heart" with some of his new songs.

Alex's message for Joe:
"Dear Joe, I would like to thank you for all that you have done all these
years, for that special and rich music that you have and continue to give
the world. My very, very deep and sincere Thank You. This song is my way of
showing appreciation for all that you are. Warm Regards, Alex"

Ibanez RG270 Black
Digitech 2120
Recorded with Pro Tools
Starfire Acoustic Guitar
Jim Dunlop Wah

Alex Caetano - Electric Lead Guitar
Janito - Drum Programming and Samples
Nelson Rodrigues - Acoustic Rhythm Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drum Programming and Voice

Alexandre Caetano and guitar
  Aarren Mowle (mowlie_2000) Above & Beyond (3:25)  
  Born in Gravesend, Kent (Great Britain) on 13th June 1979 Aarren first picked up the Guitar at the tender age of nine after hearing various live bands, listening to people like "The Shadows", "Eric Clapton" and "Chuck Berry" and taking after his Father who played Classical Guitar and his Uncle who played, mainly, 50's and 60's music.

For the first two years Aarren was pretty much self taught (although he was given guidance from both his Father and his Uncle). It was in that time that Aarren learnt his first proper song. That song was "Apache" by The Shadows and that song went on to be the first that he ever performed live.

At the age of thirteen he decided to take lessons from different tutors until he found one that could turn him from a guitarist with a lot of potential to a great musician. The best tutor that he found was a tutor called Steve Blades who, at the time, was teaching at a Yamaha Music School in Bradford where Aarren lived with his Father.

Aarren studied there until he was sixteen during which he won the Yamaha Music School Guitarist Of The Year award performing Joe Satriani's "Always With Me, Always, With You". At age sixteen he then left Yamaha to study privately with Steve Blades as the other students at Yamaha were holding him back even though he was in the top class.

Aarren studied privately with Steve for three years but when he was nineteen his Father moved again but this time to Warwickshire. It was during his stay there that he applied to the prestigious Guitar Institute in London. After being offered a place at this prestigious school he decided to move back to Gravesend so he could commute between Gravesend and London so as he could attend the Guitar Institute on a daily basis. He graduated from the school in June 2000 with a Btec National Diploma in Popular Music Performance.

Aarren's love and passion for the Guitar has never disappeared, in fact, it has grown and grown. He is now a fully-fledged Guitar Tutor and Session Musician.

Equipment Used to record "Above & Beyond":
Jackson DKMG guitar strung with Ernie Ball 9-42 gauge strings.
Marshall JMP-1 rack-mount pre-amp.
Marshall Valvestate 8008 power-amp.
Marshall JCM-900 1960's Lead B 4x12 Speaker Cabinet.
Digitech Studio Quad rack-mount effects unit.
Shure SM-57 Microphone.
Korg X5D Keyboard.
Behringer Eurorack MX1804 mixing desk.
Cakewalk Sonar v1.0

Aarren Mowle and guitar