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bio for Julien Omeyer - track title I Can't Fly listen to clip

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julien Jj. omeyer (Satanic Penguin) :
I accomplished a traditional musical education with experience on classical
strings instruments before I chose to develop into the playing of electric
guitar and bass. After my graduation in musicology from the universities of
Metz and Strasbourg (France) in 2004, I chose to teach music at school.

"I Can't Fly" has been written and rehearsed with a band (with Simon Poncet
on drums and Yann Klimezyk on bass), before I decided to use my friend's
Lamowadek loops and record the track. The main improvement is the addiction
of some samples of myself singing when I was 4 years old, and words said by
a Penguin plush. The combination of the french lyrics and the english words
builds the dramatic story of a Penguin lamenting himself about not being
able to fly, but still trying, jumping from the moon ("en sautant de la
Lune"). Perseverance will drive him angry, and cause his death (read the
story at the level you want to). Musically, the nice chord progression shows
Satriani's influence. When the Penguin starts to become angry, the guitar
playing becomes more personal, with the 2 for 3 and 3 for 2 rhythms made by
some left hand tapping/arpeggios technique on atonal harmony, and some of my
first experiments with my guitar-scratch prototype, creating those
Penguin/scratch sounds.