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bio for Kermheat - track title Fahrbot listen to clip

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Kermheat plays guitar.... yes !! but not only. He like to incorporate
effect and futurist sound in his music. His foot is stuck on a Whammy
and other pedals give to his seven string guitar an other dimension.On
"Farhbot", Kermheat plays with lots of effects but mostly with his
friends Christophe Godin (one of the best french guitarist ) and the
funkiest french bass player Jean BISELLO.
Kermheat is also guitar teacher and adviser at M.A.I (Music Academy
International), a french school like a M.I.
Kermheat is endorsed by ELIXIR STRINGS.
First album : "Humanchico"
Appearance on the guitar DVD "Metal Machine" (Manu LIVERTOUT)
Solo with his "Post-nuclear" guitar on BLACKSTONE "Colours of Stone"
Solo on cover "Ice Nine" in the disc of Manu LIVERTOUT "The Bounder"
Videos for french revue "Guitare Xtreme"