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bio for Paul Arcipretino - track title Dreamscape listen to clip

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Started playing guitar at the age of 15. Influences include Joe
Satriani,Steve Vai,Alex Skolnick,Malmsteen,Vinnie Moore,Al
Dimeola,Metallica,Tool,Kings X,Black Sabbath,Rush..the list goes on.
For the last 7 yrs ive been focusing on my own solo projects as the
bands I was in never gone anywhere. Ive released a couple of demo cds
on, but my "real" cd is yet to come. Even though im a self
taught guitarist I would someday like to take lessons in
jazz/classical music. Also I recently graduated from The Audio
Recording Academy to further enhance my projects. For my T2J track, I
used washburn guitars, zoom606 and recorded straight to a Tascam 788
digital portastudio. However I have now recently switched to new gear
which include Ibanez guitars, Korg ax3000g,Laney amps and Protools.I
am very happy to be a part of this project, with so many great players
on it.Hope you all enjoy.