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bio for Stefan Ek - track title Desert Sky Blues listen to clip

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I'm a 25 year old Swede, have played guitar for 8 years now and I also
play piano and bass. This track was recorded in the end of 2004
through a pretty simple setup:

RG550 - Guitarport - Crappy soundcard -
Sonar 3, bass and drums are vst (BroomstickBass/DFH2). This song was
an attempt at doing something a little bluesier and more laid back
then how I usually made music, and I think it came out with a kind of
"satch" vibe.

My skills in mixing were almost none-existing at the time this track
was recorded, but in the last year I have made progress in this area
and i am working hard on learning audio production.

My biggest interests are guitars, audio production and music overall
and the guitars I use are Shecter C1 Blackjack, Caparison Dellinger
TAT and a 1974 Ibanez "Lawsuit" Les Paul Custom.

Hope you enjoy my track and the whole CD!