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Alexandre was born on the 28th of January 1977 in Caldas da Rainha, a west
portuguese town.

From a very young age (around 5 years old), he was already watching and
listening to orchestras due to the enrichning company and influence of his
uncles. The maestro's bater and the vibrations of the most various
instruments awoke in himself and enormous taste for music.

At 11 he discovers one of the great guitar players of that time. Watching
Gary Moore on TV, he immediatly indentified himself with the instrument,
though when younger he already tried to imitate the guitar players he saw
on TV, with similar gestures of someone who truly plays guitar.

It was listening to Joe Satriani that he found his greatest musical
reference that still lasts today. His admiration for this Gentleman is

At the age of 15 he buys his first electrical guitar, a Gibson S.G. copy
by the brand Hondo, that he latter offered as a gift to his big friend
Nelson Rodrigues. That same year he bought an accoustic guittar, a

Around this time he becomes part of a garage band named "The End" with his
actual producer Nelson Rodrigues where he played rythm guitar. Some tapes
with rehersal recordings still exist. The band did some Jimmy Hendrix,
Elvis and others covers, and they also composed some original songs.

Between the age of 18 and 20, and after a lot of hours spent listening to
Van Halen, Andy Timmons, Steve Vai amoung others, he dedicates his time to
the study of classical composers. Bach, Beethoven and Dvorak taught him
how to transmit emotions in a wonderful melodic way. But it is with Mozart
that he finds one of the top musical exponent of expressiveness of unequal

After that period he dedicates himself to some styles other than rock or
classical music. In Blues, Frank Marino, Steve Ray and B.B. King were his
great teachers worthy to listen to. In flamenco he was very impressed by
the versality and emotivity of Vicente Amigo.
At a national level he highlights Carlos Paredes (forever the great master
of portuguese guitar), Joel Xavier and Gonçalo Pereira who he thinks to be
a simbol of guitar in Portugal.

In 2002, after some musical adventures, he decides to record his demo
"From the Heart" with some of his compositions based on his musical
preferences, instrumental Rock. Surprisingly for him, it had a good
In April 2003, by the hands of the coordinators Chris Peters, Mark London
and Dave Watkinson, the Joe Satriani fan club payed homage to Satch
through the CD "Satchurated Feedback" in wich Alexandre participates with
the first theme of his demo "From the heart (the start). It is with proud
and respect that he takes part on the project. The CD profits are in favor
of the United States Red Cross.

Through the years, and due to his great passion for music and the guitar,
Alexandre has tried to promote and help musicians with great talent. He's
been road manager and roadie in some situations and has photographed some

Nowadays, besides recording his debut album, he gives some support to the
guitar player Gonçalo Pereira and some of his projects (Blister), and also
to his producer's band Declínios.