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bio for Steven Rosner - track title What Do I Do? listen to clip

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Steve Rosner started playing guitar at the early age of 8 on a nylon string classical guitar learning the Flamenco finger style. Steve was turned onto Joe Satriani in the 10th grade during the Surfing with the Alien era. Through the dedicated years of practicing Steve had an intuitive emotional connection with Joe's music, being able to feel what Joe was feeling through every note, every nuance of every song. The never-ending plethora of beauty in Joe's music, the passion and love for playing has inspired Steve to write and record throughout his life. The track titled "What do I do?" started out as an acoustic melody and stuck with Steve for years. Acquiring its name from the constant evolving of the song "what do I do now?" Final recording took place in Steve's home studio using the following equipment: JS1000, Peavey JSX with XXX 4x12 cab, Marshall AVT150, Digitech Whammy, Bad Horsie/535Q Wah's, Boss DS-1, SM57 dynamic mic, T.C electronics m300 rack delay, Ibanez AE30 Acoustic, Cakewalk Pro 9.