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bio for Paul Ayres - track title Autumn Skies listen to clip

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So since the first CD my family has grown bigger both in size and
number and not suprisingly to those in the know my guitar playing has
got less! I've not been as active a member of T2J as I would have like
to have been over the last 6 months but I'm always there in spirit.
Still the coolest forum on the web!!

So this time round I figured that rather than try and do something
beyond my reach badly, I'd focus on trying to produce a 'piece of
music' and play within my limits. This is probably the first time that
I've developed an idea and tried different phrasing and fingering to
improve the overall sound. I'm happy with the result - why 'Autumn
Skies' ?
That's just what I saw as the melody developed.

The song is two tracks laid down with an Ibanez AEL 20 electro-acoustic
onto a Zoom 1044-CD, digital multi-track. The rhythm track was finger
picked and the melody was played using a plectrum.